” I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully
persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons
into a win-win situation.” Bo Bennett

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Customer Service

Not only does TAYS assure you the best sales, it guarantees you to maintain them. We do not lose sight of the goal of always be up to your expectations.

Affiliate Marketing

Morocco particularly offers diverse and specific opportunities. The team TAYS Thanks to its experience and its knowledge of the market guarantees the best representation according to the criteria that you choose.

Market Penetration

To decide to enter a market is to know all the actors and factors that have a direct or indirect effect, to take into account the history of the market concerned, and finally to know the economic, geographical and cultural indicators that prevail.


Throughout its years of experience, TAYS team has collaborated with several travel agencies. We know today who these agencies are, who are our contacts, and who are the people to contact according to your need.

Web Development & Design

We create Internet applications, websites, intranets and extranets,which are highly functional and effective.


We support you for services such as orientation tours, home searches, immigration assistance, and local school registration.


Microsite Vs Macrosite

                                      Boost your own website             Give a new technological boost to your agency

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